Monday, January 4, 2016


"These two are a good example of the old Barnum phrase - there is a sucker born every minute..."

Who could ever forget that famous line uttered by Bill Clinton once he won the White House. If I may paraphrase just a bit, "When you get me, you get both of us." Like that was a special deal or something. Like a BOGO in the grocery store. And that phrase led to some people referring to the Clintons as "Billary".

Some people have never trusted the Clintons from the get-go. I happen to be one of those people. I think some of the things they have done were dishonest, cheating and sleazy. And I also believe as a sexual predator, Bill Clinton is not much different than Bill Cosby. Both used their fame and fortune to lure young women into salacious encounters.

Back to Hillary. Her team made the unfortunate mistake of calling Donald Trump out as a sexist. And he may be. But for the wife of one of our most famous philanderer to use sex on an opponent, well it is the pot calling the kettle black. And now Trump is going to fire back with everything he has. 

As someone who still detests Bill Clinton for how he sullied the White House, I am simply delighted that Bill Clinton's sordid lifestyle will be brought up again. Time has a habit of letting people forget - and I don't want people to ever forget the dark side of Bill Clinton. In fact, I want Trump to go even deeper - beyond the sex. I want the Clinton Foundation exposed. These two phonies from Arkansas have become wickedly rich from the Clinton Foundation.

The thought of letting these two back in the White House makes my blood run cold. The sleaze factor will definitely go up a few notches. Self-aggrandizing will be at a new high.

Will it be good for America? Absolutely not. Will it be good for the Clintons? Absolutely. Heaven help us all if Billary comes back.    

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