Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A rapid twilight

"Don't read this is you scare easily. This is not for the faint of heart. This is only for those who want to know the truth."

I have had this article banging around in my head for quite a while now. Not knowing if I should share it or not. But there are reasons I decided to take the chance and send this out today. It is as hard for me to write it as it will be for some to read.

Imagine going to the doctor to have just a routine physical. Towards the end of the visit, the doctor sits down across the desk with very grim face. "I am afraid I have some bad news for you. You do not have very long to live. Depending upon circumstances, it might be anywhere from a week to at the outside, a year. To make matters worse, this will not only affect you, but also your spouse, your children and your grandchildren. They also do not have very long to live."

You sit and stare at the doctor in stunned silence. How could this be? I woke up feeling fine this morning. Now I will be dead in maybe a week? And my family also? The thought of all of this was too much, and I broke down and wept. The doctor came to my side of the desk and put his hand on my shoulder. Then he told me something even more shocking. "It is happening to me also" he said. "And my family. And to my neighbors and your neighbors. Basically, it is happening to everyone in the country. A year from now, up to 90% of us will no longer be here." 

Now forget this all happened at the doctor's office. It is not a dread disease - it is an EMP event. It could happen when you are at work. When you are eating supper with the family. When you are sleeping. It really will not matter what and where you are doing. In an instant, all power will vanish. Everything will become dark and quiet. And then everyone's clock starts to tick. Our lifespans will be then measured in days, weeks, months, and for the very few - years.

Many will be sitting in their dark, cold houses watching family members start to suffer from exposure, dehydration or starvation. Some will be injured or killed resulting from violence resulting from people trying to steal what you have. There will be no lights, no heat, no internet, no medicine, no cell phones, no drinking water, no water to flush toilets or wash clothes, no transportation, no stores to go to, no anything like we once had. Even though it is 2016, our lives will be like living in the 1800's.

I have been reading more and more about the effects of a natural or man-made EMP event on our country. Most say the same thing. It would be unimaginable beyond imagination. Within a year, 90% of all Americans would be dead after suffering a long, lingering death. All law and order will have evaporated into social anarchy. Life will be Mad Max on steroids.

This is not science fiction. This is settled science which has been around since we first started testing nukes. And other countries also know about it. Not just Russia - China, North Korea, Iran, and yes, even terrorists. It is a low tech way to inflict high tech, maximum damage on a country such as ours. With two bombs, one on our west coast and one on our east coast, the number of dead could equal a full out nuclear war. Two bombs, could turn our first world country into a third world country almost overnight.

Besides destroying America, there would be much collateral damage. First off, our electric grid is tied in with Canada. Many in Canada would suffer the same fate. Northern Mexico would also suffer damage. And because our "bread belt" supplies excess grain to a large part of the third world, worldwide hunger and starvation would follow.

Because our order of battle still is MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), after the attack our dogs of war would be unleashed. Our nuclear triad would be activated. Any country which sponsored this attack, or was sympathetic to the nation state which sponsored the attack, would be be targeted and then destroyed. Countries would be annihilated, nuclear fallout would be widespread, and some degree of nuclear winter would follow.

You might be thinking this is all gloom and doom. There is nothing we can do except hope and pray some nation or terror cell never does this. Or we can (as a nation), prepare. Even with a "hardened" grid, an EMP attack would still cause huge damage to our country. But having a hardened, robust power grid would certainly help. With power still flowing to the cities, which would allow water and heat to continue to be supplied, the country would survive. There would still be a death toll, but it would not be 90%. 

I have addressed this many times before. In the event of EMP or any other natural or man made disaster, our homes become our store. As we witnessed from Hurricane Katrina, it does not take many days of having no food or water when the wheels really start to come off. Yes, people can start to die within a week. Make sure in your house you have enough food, water, medicine and so forth to survive a month of isolation.

More and more experts are giving lectures throughout the country on the dangers of EMP. And they are scary to attend. Scary, yet very important. Our Tea Party Patriot group is trying to get an expert to give a presentation at our April meeting. I will post something if this comes to fruition.

I will close by saying this. Stay aware. Stay alert. Most importantly, stay prepared. When the national politicians come around campaigning, ask about this issue. And they better have a good answer. If they are clueless on EMP, tell them to get lost. We simply don't have time for games.    

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