Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Living small - very, very small

"Nanotechnology is on the cusp of changing just about everything in the way we live our lives."

Much is going on behind the scenes these days. There are breakthroughs happening almost daily in cancer research, bio-medical research, robotics, 3D technologies, and nanotechnology. And that is just to name a few. As mucked up as our government has made things, as dangerous as parts of our world have become, nothing not stopped progress from happening. And that is a good thing.

I am a technology nut. Have been all of my life. I find it totally fascinating. And of all the emerging technologies, the one I find the most interesting is nanotechnology. Living in the world of small. Very, very small. And nanotechnology is about to make big changes in our lives. 

Israel is becoming a mecca for nanotechnology development. One of their Nano scientists recently said with the products they are working could "change the way our world looks in ten years". And it is not just bio-medical - it is a variety of industries which can benefit from nanotechnology. 

One of the applications which is being worked on right now is the development of solar cells which are so small, they can be integrated into just about anything which uses a battery. The cells would be powered by any type of light - not just sunlight. Enough power could be obtained from using these Nano cells, that batteries would no longer be required for the device. This could be huge. 

Computer chips are being fabricated using nanotechnology which are so small, they can use light to transmit data instead of electrons. This would tremendously boost the capability of all types of computing and stand "Moore's Law" on its head. These will be exciting days for the information technology industry.

However, I still think the biggest breakthrough will come in cancer research. It would be having "hunter-killers" the size of a cell, looking for, finding, and destroying cancer cells inside the body. It will put an end to archaic treatments like chemo or radiation. The Nano treatments could be surgical down to the cellular level. After seeing how my Mother-in-law and Father suffered and died from cancer, I am very excited about this application. 

If we can make it until 2020, that could be the beginning of another golden age for mankind. It could be quite a decade for everyone. The trick will be getting there before we self-destruct. That will be the tough part.  

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