Saturday, February 27, 2016

Voices of the angry

"It is like swimming upstream with the current getting stronger every year."

Someone was talking the other day about the extraordinary amount of shootings, some seemingly done for no reason, in our country as of late. What is causing it? And why so many during the Obama Administration? This person had a interesting theory. When I heard it, it made some sense. It is a point of view I had not thought off. So here are my ramblings.

It is anger. There is anger on the Left, there is anger on the Right. I will only discuss the anger on the Right. I have addressed this issue before. And not only about the anger we feel, but the frustration in not being able to do anything about it. Think of it this way. A Progressive Socialist (a term I just made up) gets up and promises his sheeple that life will be so much better if they only vote for the promises made by the Left. And to make matters worse, many of those people don't pay a dime of income tax. So the Progressive Socialist gets elected, along with many other Progressive Socialists, and then pass laws forcing the people who DO pay the majority of the taxes, to pay more.

Then guess what. When the party of the people who pay nothing, keep taxing the people who are taxed out, anger ensues. And why? Because there is not a damn thing we can do about it. Except just take it. And take it. And take it. 

It is like swimming upstream with the current getting stronger every year. We go to caucus. We try to vote for principled representatives. And the other side still plays Santa Claus with the low information crowd. Every year, the other side has many representatives who choose to vote for tyranny instead of liberty.

The result is simple. Each year the debt keeps going up. Jobs keep going away. More of our freedoms erode. America starts looking more like Europe. And the people who still cherish America, who still believe in the American dream, American Exceptionalism, feel shut out. And that leads to frustration and anger. Especially when this not only comes from the Progressive Socialists, but also some of people on our side we entrusted our votes with.

My finishing point is the most interesting of all. Even with all that anger from people on the Right who get stuck with the bill, a very small percentage of the shootings are done by them. And I mean a VERY small percentage. The anger for most of the Right is taken out on the ballot box. And it will continue to be that way in the future.

I am angry. And frustrated. And I own many guns. But I am taking my anger to the caucus on Tuesday and vote for the person who I think will help this nation the most. The same with my local reps. Vote for who will help the most. Not talk the most - help the most. Reduce the size of government, protect our freedoms, cherish liberty and eschew tyranny. That is what I am doing on Tuesday. I hope you join me.

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