Sunday, February 7, 2016


"Cry Havoc, and let slip the dogs of war..."

Julius Caesar
William Shakespeare

Anyone who watched the debate last night saw one of the candidates spill the beans. To answer the "who cares" question about the North Koreans launching a rocket which carried a "something" into space. And if that "something" was even a low grade nuke, it could be detonated at altitude over the East Coast. That would result in a catastrophic EMP. 

Here is the interesting part of this launch. First, just about every country in the region (as well as the United States) warned the NORKS not to do it. So did the feckless and useless United Nations. So they did it anyhow. It was the middle finger coupled with the thumb in the nose. HOWEVER (comma), we could have taken that missile out long before it got to azimuth. In fact, we have ships which carry missiles that have that capability. Of this I know (and this is dated knowledge).

It even gets better than that. Once in orbit, we have the technology to take out satellites. Especially low tech ones. We have had it for many years. And every year it just gets better and more accurate. These missiles can also be launched from land or from our ships. So now the question begs to be asked - If we have this capability, and knowing the North Koreans (by their own admission), would love to EMP us and put us back in the 1800's, why are we doing nothing?

As was said on the now infamous game show, "That is the $64,000 question!" The North Koreans are like misbehaving children. If they are not disciplined for what mischief they do, they will do it again - in spades. And how do you discipline a country who is immune from sanctions? A country who does not give a crap if their people starve and die?

Simple answer - break their toys. That is how you do it. Destroy both of their "somethings" the put in orbit. Tell them we will shoot down any more rockets they try to launch. And if they try another nuclear test, we will also do one - on the same piece of land in North Korea.

I know our current President is not a war President. That is painfully evident. But please, please Sir - wake up to reality. These North Koreans are unstable. And they want recognition. The best way to get recognition would be to take us to our knees - by an EMP strike. We cannot wait until January of 2017 to counter this threat. We have the tools to counter and neutralize it now. We have the tools, we just need the will.


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