Friday, February 5, 2016

Ms. Crybaby

"Oh my gosh! How old is this woman? Thirteen? Grow up lady! Grow up and get a real job!"

If you are selling a product that nobody wants to buy, what is the best thing to do? If you are a Republican, you would pull your product, retool, and then sell something that people want or need. If you are a Democrat, and nobody bought what you were selling, you would sue them. And if you are a statist Democrat, you would act like a crybaby at the same time.

Rebecca Otto, our State Auditor (please don't ask why we even have one) is very, very mad at our State House. And she is mad at many counties throughout the state. This has been a burr under her saddle since the last election. A deal was made between the House and the Senate to allow counties to subcontract out their auditing functions rather than use the State Auditor's office. AND, this bill was signed into law by Otto's boss, the Governor.

Some might ask, why is this such a big deal? Why would counties not use the State Auditor's office to start with? Maybe it is because counties don't trust that office. Or, the services they receive are not worth the price paid. Or maybe it because of the entitlement attitude of the State Auditor. OR, MAYBE JUST ABOUT EVERYONE IS FED UP WITH THE GOVERNMENT WHICH GAVE US MNSURE!

The suit has now been filed by the crybaby organization against certain counties who will not use her office. The crybaby in charge says it is against our constitution not to use it. Really? Then maybe we need to amend our state constitution. And by the way Ms. Crybaby, if you want to play hardball, the House can do that also. How about if your department is stripped of all its funding? I sure don't want my tax dollars paying for you or your minions.

I can't write on this anymore or I might end up saying something tawdry. This woman is the poster child for what is wrong with government today. Not just in the state, but also the federal government. Entitlement. Crappy product. Inefficiency. Lawsuit. That says it all. Time to go Ms. Otto. Do the state a favor and just leave. 

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