Friday, February 26, 2016

The coming insurection

"The three amigos. This session we will see if they are just fishing buddies or political buddies as well."

In these days of heated political debate, posturing for position going into Super Tuesday, we sometimes forget about our own back yard. Our state government goes into session next month. And this one should be a whopper.

Let's first go back to what has been said about the national electorate. That the anger is palpable. Guess what? The anger is also palpable at the state level. Even at the community level. Why? People want their government back. They no longer will accept "sell outs" going to St. Paul or Washington just to "get along". To make new friends. Fishing buddies. No, we want people in St. Paul this year who will not only pare down the size of our bloated and very expensive state government, but also return the money they stole from us last year (now sitting in a "surplus").

First and foremost, after doing my taxes again this year, I have zero time for any bull crap on why we tax our seniors and retired military veterans. Wisconsin does not. South Dakota does not. Iowa does not. In all fairness I will admit that North Dakota does. However, their state tax is about half what Minnesota's is. 

The next time someone tells me we "can't afford to give seniors what is morally theirs to start with", I am either going to puke or slap that person. This state takes in a boatload of money for foolish things such as our broken education system. Besides screwing kids by making them use this system, education spending takes up 1/3 of our state budget. We need a voucher system, and we need it yesterday.

I would like to see the Speaker of the House propose on Day One of the session, going to such a system. A maximum of $10,000 per student, per year, regardless of where they go to school. That is about half what we are spending in the inner city - and get catastrophic results from. We would save so much money, we could have more to spend on roads and bridges, reduce our crippling business tax, and get rid of the tax on social security and military pensions. 

One more time for any politicians, local, state, or federal. People are angry - okay totally pissed, because every year it is more of the same. And the cost of maintaining "more of the same" keeps going up. Do something bold. Innovative. Think outside the government box. Pretend just for a minute this a business that needs innovation to survive. And the taxpayers are the stockholders. And we are looking for a good investment. 

Go time is coming folks, and coming soon. If we get more of the same this session, the anger next session might just be off the charts.

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