Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The real Dr. Evil

"So what is the real answer [of how much money we are given to the UN]? Nobody knows."

For the sake of levity, let's pretend for a minute this is a game show. For a huge prize, I am going to ask one simple question. "How much did the United States give to the United Nations last year?" Well, since it is a trick question, I could have promised you the Moon and the Moon would still be safe. So what is the real answer? Nobody knows. Nobody even has a clue.

There is a line item every year in the budget for how much we "officially" give the UN. And the OMB has been harping on this issue for years. The number in the budget is not the real number they say. Liberty News penned an article in 2013 talking about this confusing mess. The GFY 2014 budget had requested $617M for that year's UN Operating Budget. Here is the problem. Many of the departments in our government also give money to the UN. And up until 2011, we could track those dollars (somewhat). But for some reason, that tracking requirement has gone away.

Senator Mike Lee and some others are all over this issue. They want the tracking reinstated. Why is this so important? OMB estimates that during one of the last years we had tracking, our country, our broke country, gave this feckless organization over $7B! That is over 10 times what was authorized in the line item budget!

In October of 1945 shortly after the finish of World War II, the United Nations charter was signed. It replaced the League of Nations, an organization whose charter which was not worth the paper it was written on. But this new organization, this bold new organization with great power, was going to keep the world from ever going to war again.

In fact, bullet point one in the UN preamble states, "to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind." How is that working out today? Syria? Africa? Ukraine? We have thugs all over the world causing mayhem and destruction. Killing innocent men, women and children. And what is this new organization doing to stop it? Coming up with a plan called Agenda 21. And Agenda 21 is nothing more than a blueprint to assimilate us all into the Borg. And take away our sovereign freedoms while they do it.

There are many today who think we should take our $7B annually and pull out of the UN. I am one of them. Kick them out of New York and sell the land to Trump. He will put a casino on that land. Even if the casino goes bankrupt, it would be a better investment for us than what we are getting from the UN.

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