Thursday, February 25, 2016

Things left unsaid...

"One of the things I have learned in my faith walk is how easy it is to diminish someone." 

One of the best (and most painful) lessons I have had to learn in my life is not so much letting an insult flow, but not letting one go all together. Sounds complicated I know. I am human. Sometimes people do things that really aggravate me. Might even be to piss me off in a royal fashion. It might be behind the wheel. Or it might be in a conversation. Or it it might even be with my wife, who I love so dearly. By not saying what I wanted to say - which would been so unhelpful, are things so better left unsaid.

One of the things I have learned in my walk is how easy it is to diminish someone. Even though I have not done this for a while, I still remember how easy it is. For example, "Are you gaining weight?" Or, "Have you always been this stupid?" Or, "With your looks and odor, I am amazed you ever got married." Simple questions. Simple sentences. And yet so destructive. 

The Holy Scripture tell us in James 3 that our tongues are like rudders on a ship. Very small, yet they control the direction of the ship (or us). The same is true for us with our tongues. It is so easy to knock the legs our from under someone. But that is not how we were made. It is our human nature. However, Ephesians 4:29 tells us otherwise. We have put here on this planet, to edify others. To build them up. And once you get used to building others up, it becomes so easy to do. And truthfully, it is much more rewarding.

So what is going to happen tonight? Is the party of Reagan going to act like the Party of Thugs? Or will they be the Party of Dignity. Of calm and purposeful discourse. My question is simple this - what has happened in these past debates has been shameful. Not just for Republicans, but for all Americans. If you disagree with someone, then respectfully disagree. At the end of the day, we are all on the same side. We are better for doing it that way.

In this debate tonight, I am asking all who participate to grow larger than the instincts which control us. When we want to lash out, please leave things unsaid. In the far eastern culture it is said the loudest things can be said with the softest voices. Just for giggles, can we try that tonight? We need it. Trust me, we really, really need it. 


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