Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oh, Hillary...

"The United States has the highest, most confiscatory business taxes in the world."

There is a great new commercial out by the Hillary campaign. I hope everyone gets a chance to see it. It is the best political commercial I have seen come out of the Democrats for quite a while - maybe forever. And the reason for that is simple - it defines so clearly how clueless Democrats are about business and how it works.

It has to do with a process called "inversion". This is where a company keeps most of it's operations in the United States, and moves it's corporate headquarters overseas - many to Ireland. And why would a company want to do that? Because the United States has the highest, most confiscatory business taxes in the world. It is as simple as that.

Well Ms. Hillary, along with most other statists, don't like that. Plus, they don't understand it. Hillary is going to put a stop to it. In her words, if a company does that when she is in charge, "she will make them pay!" Okay - how does she think that is going to work? If she is President, she will have to use an executive order like her predecessor did (as Congress would never go along with it). She would write a letter to Acme Corporation saying something like: "Dear Acme. I understand you want to do an inversion to Ireland. Should you do that, I will fine you $10 million a year on top of the taxes you should be paying."

The president of Acme would write a letter back saying something like: "Dear Madam President. Thank you for your concern about our tax situation. Since you do not like our plan, this letter is to inform you by 2018, all our operations, including corporate offices will be sold to an overseas concern. This company will then be owned and operated by another country, where the business climate is better for investors. It is estimated that 10,000 United States jobs will be affected."

A good "progressive" should understand this one thing about our liberty and freedom. This is a free country. You cannot force a person to work. And, you cannot force a company to stay in business. It is called the free enterprise system. It was our (the United States Congress that is) choice to come up with an idiotic idea of have a sky high business tax. First off (and they don't understand this either), a tax is a cost of doing business. Much of it is passed on. Second of all, it discourages businesses from other parts of the world from doing business here. Finally, we can't force a business to stay here. 

If you have not yet seen Hillary's commercial, make a point to watch it. She wanted to make and point, and many of us got it. The only problem is the point we got want not the one she wanted to make.

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