Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Seething Anger

"People don't want to feel helpless anymore. And feeling helpless just adds to their anger."

Rush said it before the debates last weekend. If Donald Trump goes on the attack mode, riles up the establishment in South Carolina, and then after the debate his poll numbers go up, that will again show what is happening in America. Anger. Seething anger. Anger coupled with helplessness. With Obama at the helm, he is like the pilot of a plane which is way off course - maybe crashing. And we are in the back of the plane - helpless.

People don't want to feel helpless anymore. And feeling helpless just adds to their anger. And guess what? It is not just on the Republican side. Anger at the establishment, anger at dynastic politics is what is giving a 70+ year old socialist from Vermont a fighting chance to dethrone Hillary. 

Where is the proof? You can start with Nevada. Hillary has left South Carolina to get to Nevada and campaign like crazy. It seems that her 25 point lead has evaporated into a dead heat. In South Carolina the score is so lopsided now for Donald Trump the only drama on the 20th will be to see where Jeb ends up. He was the favorite at one time to take this safe state. Now, he might end up in the single digits.

One of the national pundits on the news said the Trump machine is so strong, Trump might even take unlikely states like Minnesota. Another pundit said Trump's lead is so big in Florida, that after the primary on March 15th, it could be taps for both Marco and Jeb. Why? Losing their home state to this interloper from New York by 25 points or so spells nothing but doom for both of them.

A Wall Street Journal pundit had another take. People are angry due to the 2% growth we have seen since Obama became President. They want a President who is going to do something, not just sit on the sidelines and observe. Again, if Obama is the pilot of our plane, he needs to know how to fly it. How to get us where we want to go and not put us in danger.

I have said many times now that I think Trump, Hillary or The Bern would be just horrible mistakes to have as President. And yet, that is the trajectory we are on. And we can thank our current President for this whiplash we are getting in our candidates right now. Historians may love this race, but I am getting to hate it more and more all the time.   

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