Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Are the TRUMPets sounding?

"The fat lady may not be singing yet, but she is warming up her voice."

Let me please start by saying one more time - I am not a Trump guy. My (political) heart belongs to Ted Cruz. Watching the returns come in from Nevada was as painful as watching the returns come in from South Carolina. Or New Hampshire for that matter. Even though Senator Cruz had a "bump in the road" with his campaign staff, I remain convinced he is a fair and honorable man. I do not have the same feelings about Mr. Trump.

The sickening feeling I am getting (along with many others who support either of the two Senators in the race) is this - the juggernaut is starting to roll. I stayed up way too late last night channel flipping to see what the different pundits were saying about this race. It did not matter which station I listened to, the conclusion was the same. The fat lady may not be singing yet, but she is warming up her voice.

Here is the consensus points from what I picked up last night:

  1. Dr. Carson and Governor Kasich are two fine men, but it is time to pack it in. They still reside in the single digits and by staying in are just wasting donor's money.
  2. Even though this would never happen, the only realistic shot one of Senators has at Donald Trump is if the other Senator suspends his campaign prior to Super Tuesday. Splitting the vote the way they have is just adding to Trump's delegate count.
  3. If everyone stays in the race, the "5% shot" of chipping the lead away from Trump is to have Rubio take Florida, Cruz take Texas, and Kasich take Ohio.
Like many of us, I am still in a state of shock that this is happening. I really did think the cream was going to rise to the top in the form of Ted Cruz. Of all the candidates, his experience, his mannerisms, his character are the best suited for the job of POTUS. Rubio has some baggage from past votes and positions, but I still think he has a shot at being picked for Veep. 

One final thing on the Trump phenomena. I have said he exists only because he is the "Ying" to Obama's "Yang". I might have to stand corrected. Many of the pundits (as well as very smart political friends of mine) are saying different. The "Yang" might have a little to do with Obama, but more to do with Republicans who roll over and play dead once they got to Washington. And it is not just one Republican who has done that - it is legions.

With that being the case, who is really to blame should we get a President Trump instead of a President Cruz? As the words from the The Who's rock opera Tommy said, "Go to the mirror boy".  And in that mirror, you will see the real Culprit. We did not control the beasts once we sent them to Washington. 

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