Sunday, February 14, 2016

A strange day indeed

"We are at the tipping point. The stakes are now too high. Government has grown too big. Our national debt has become too damaging." 

This is a story I am telling for only one reason. I think it is important to show how strange politics has become. It all started with me I guess. There was a special election in a neighboring district a short time ago, and I got somewhat involved. Not too much, but I did throw some bucks towards one of the primary candidates. And that candidate was up against an "establishment" candidate who was flush with "establishment money".

Long story short, the "establishment" guy won the primary, and then went on to smoke his DFL opponent. Here is where I got more involved. I know the "establishment" guy. He is a nice man, and a good community asset. However when he was in the Minnesota House, his voting record resembled more of a Democrat than a Republican. So I wrote on his wall that as far as I was concerned, what happened in the past was in the past. However, should he vote like a Democrat before the remainder of his term is up, I along with many others, will work to make sure he faces a primary challenge.

Then all heck broke loose. I had a plethora of gals from his home town jump all over me. They did not care their "establishment" hero voted against party lines. And then I was the "bad guy". I besmirched their guy. And they had missed the point completely. 

So here is the point. I am not a big GOP guy. I am a conservative who votes for the GOP candidate as that person is usually the closest to how I feel. That being said, if you run as a Republican, you should at least somewhat adhere to the party platform. If you chose not to adhere to that platform, then run as an independent or DFL. It is as simple as that. Nothing personal. It is just that the stakes are too high. We are at the tipping point. Government has grown too big. Our national debt has become to damaging.

I am sorry for the dust up my comments caused. But I am not sorry for saying them as I truly believe what I said to be true. When someone is in either the state or the federal House or Senate, every vote taken affects every one of us. That is why we care. That is why we watch and listen. The days of back room, smoke filled meetings are over. As the tipping point approaches, more and more of us continue to watch and pay attention. We are vigilant always. We are the Tea Party, Tea Party Patriots or just concerned citizens. And we make no excuses for who we are.

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