Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The build your own island club

"Only fools like some who reside in Washington can't see what is going on here."

You have to hand it to those fun loving Chinese! They know how to have a good time. For example, they have found a spot in international waters they would like to inhabit, discovered a naturally shallow part of that part of the ocean, brought in a zillion or so tons of sand and presto! An instant island! And does it look inviting for a vacation spot? An island paradise? Not a bit.

Since the ChiComs own us financially, we of course did not want to raise too much of a stink. Besides all of which, we don't live in that neighborhood. Of course good friends of ours like the Japanese, Taiwanese, South Koreans, and Australians do. And they are very nervous about this expansionism.

Rumors have been buzzing some of these newly formed islands are nothing more than sub bases. Where the ChiComs can keep their subs nicely hidden. Then we find out the ChiComs might be building a state of the art radar on one of the islands. Plus, they have now deployed modern fighter jets to overfly them. BTW, don't those jets look quite a bit like ours? It wouldn't be because they stole our design, would it?

Only fools like some who reside in Washington can't see what is going on here. This is the start of their big play. They are going global. They have already established a base in Africa and who knows where the next one could be. Cuba? Maybe. Their Blue Water Navy keeps getting bluer and their expansionism keeps getting bolder.

When Ronald Reagan was President, he loved "peace through strength". The world was a much safer place without us hardly firing a shot. Our adversaries knew that our President was a fair man who on the other hand, was not one to mess with. 

Last year at one of our military academies graduation ceremony, our President had the guts to tell the graduates the most important threat they will face is man-made global warming. Huh? No sir, you are dead wrong. Our single biggest threat is an EMP strike. That followed by terror attacks on our homeland. And that followed by ChiCom, Russian or North Korean aggression. Man-made global warming holds the same place as gum on the bottom of our shoes.

A note to our planners in Washington as well as at the Pentagon. We need to wake up and smell the coffee on this one. I don't believe the Chinese have honorable intentions with these islands - none at all. Time to put our big boy pants on.

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