Saturday, February 6, 2016

What's in a name?

"What am I? I thought I knew. These days you can call me anything except late for dinner."

I am really getting into watching the presidential debates as of late. Not so much to see except all the promises being made (especially by you know which side). And the name calling. Not the Donald Trump name calling - the name calling concerning what type of a politician one is. Conservative or RINO. Progressive or socialist.

Republicans have been arguing about this for years now. Who is conservative and who is not. In fact, the word "moderate" has become somewhat of an invective in Republican circles. But the Democrats is where the action is right now. The word "liberal" is past tense, to be replaced with one of the two newest terms - progressive or socialist. 

We have Bernie Sanders to thank for moving the yardsticks on this discussion. Free everything, for everyone, forever. He makes Santa Claus look like Scrooge. Hillary is doing her best to compete with this nonsense. Hillary, who is owned by both Wall Street and "K" Street, is really trying to show she is "down with the struggle". She will fight for you! The only thing she will be "fighting" is trying to stay out of jail due to her e-mail mess.

What I would like to see the Republicans do in the remaining debates is very simple . Each candidate will pledge to be married to ALL the constructs contained in our Constitution. To faithfully follow this most sacred document. And if a candidate in his or her past public service had written or voted for legislation which was not in accordance with our Constitution, well, there should be a whole lot of explaining due.

The Democrats would not need to have this same type of conversation since many believe our Constitution is an impediment instead of a national manifesto. The last two standing in the Democratic race will just continue to promise stuff to the lemmings which can never be delivered.

Tonight is the last Republican debate before the election. It is already flawed because Carly has been excluded. That was a huge miss for Reince Priebus. But Mr. Trump will be there - providing entertainment and a host of name calling. Well Mr. Trump - you also have a bunch of explaining to do about your past. How you have been on both sides of the political street. I am sorry for being just a bit suspicious. After the current President, we really cannot afford another pretender.

By the way - what is in a name? Glenn Beck believes conservatives should now call themselves constitutional conservatives. That works for me. And you can call me that all day long. 

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