Sunday, February 28, 2016

Not Your Santa Claus

"The biggest gift this country could give to each of us was given to us by the Founders."

Last night we had the honor and privilege to meet Pastor Cruz, Senator Cruz's father. What an amazing man! Deep in his faith, in touch with history, and deeply in love with this country. However, the thing I found most impressive by this most impressive man, was the way he could articulate the same vision for our country his son does. 

We also had the honor to break bread with the Pastor before he spoke last night. For a man at least in his 70's his energy is enormous. He had already done an event in the southern part of the city, and now he was invited to someone's house for a quick supper and some fellowship. And his sense of humor is razor sharp. Shortly after we sat down, I welcomed Pastor Cruz to Minnesota. Since it was February and 58 degrees, I told him Minnesota always had weather like this in the winter. He looked up at me and said, "Really? Then I also have a bridge in Texas I would like to sell you."

Some might have been disappointed in Pastor Cruz. Just like some might be disappointed in Senator Cruz. Why? No promises. Unlike certain career progressive and socialist politicians from the other side of the street, Ted Cruz does not promise a chicken in every pot. Nor does he promise free education. Or free government health care to all. 

Well, that is not exactly true. Pastor Cruz did say his son will promise us one thing. And that is to govern this great country by our Constitution. No more, no less. Our Constitution which guarantees freedom and liberty for all. That was it. And nobody in attendance was disappointed. Why? They all felt the same way. The biggest gift this country could give to each of us was given to us by the Founders. Nothing more is needed, thank you.

This Tuesday we all have the chance to do something real important. No, not real important - of critical importance. Don't be blinded by the light of sophism and false promises given by some. If you are a lover of freedom, of liberty, and looking for a President who will take the oath to protect it (and really do it), caucus for Senator Cruz.

As for me, as much as I like the job he has done in the Senate, I am tired of the title of Senator Cruz. I think he needs a change. I think President Cruz sounds much better. It sure would be much better for our country. 

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