Thursday, February 4, 2016


"Silly me. For a minute I thought he might be serious. Then I knew it had to be a joke. No sane person would believe what he was asking for..."

Please excuse me as I LOL. Yes, this old bird knows some (not much) of internet vernacular these days. As we were out and about this afternoon, one of the news breaks on the radio talked about the President wanting to slap a $10 excise fee (or tax) on every barrel of crude oil we extract in this country. Or maybe it was that, PLUS whatever comes in from overseas. In any event, it caused me to chuckle.

Yup. The old Pres almost got me on that one. I almost fell for it. Then I realized how ridiculous it was, I knew it was a joke. $10 a barrel to fund his "green" projects? Oh, what a fish I almost was. To think he was serious! And because he lectured on Constitutional law, he knows that laws begin in the House. And he also knows that (other than a few idiots in the House), this thing would NEVER see the light of day. So why did he suggest it? As a joke! A LOL moment! 

It is also hard to believe that after the winter we have had, soaking and freezing most in of the country, that anyone would believe in "global warming" would require more "green energy". I have said this before - the next "big thing" in energy is close - real close. And the government has NOTHING to do with it. It will be the profit motive. The entrepreneurial spirit. Whoever discovers it will be rich and famous beyond dreams. And we are close. There was just an article in the news today about how close we are to using viable plasma via nuclear power.

In my mind, I tried to think about POTUS proposing this tax. If he was not serious, it would not be a laughing matter. People would be pissed - really pissed. How we FINALLY got oil to the price it should be. Where the price should be set by true market forces, and not government interference nor OPEC pressure. How the United States since the first time since J.Paul Getty, is a power player in oil.

Come November, we really need to not only retain the House and the Senate, we also need to get the Executive Branch. We need people "driving the car" who understand the economy. Who understand the government and the Constitution. We have had pretenders for 7 plus years now, and things have not worked well. The time for LOL is over. The time for serious stuff is upon us. All of us. And now.

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