Thursday, February 18, 2016

An all Cuban ticket?

"Today, I agreed to be on Team Cruz. And I could not be more honored." 

I am coming "out of the closet" (so to speak). I have thought this way for a quite a while now. I am endorsing Ted Cruz for President. And I hope, I really hope, that Senator Cruz picks Marco Rubio for his # 2 spot. It would be an "All Cuban" ticket. But most of all, I am really excited about having Ted Cruz as our next President.

I know many of my conservative friends will love the fact that I am now on the Ted Cruz bandwagon. By the same token, many will be disappointed that I would also hoping Rubio will be on the ticket. Ted Cruz is a cut above the rest. What I love about this man, was he said he did not go to Washington to make friends - and he did not. But he did EVERYTHING he said he was going to do. And that took guts beyond measure. 

Today, I agreed to be on Team Cruz. And I could not be more pleased. Ted is an honorable man. A good man. A damn smart man to boot. And I love his father. I love their story. I love their Cuban heritage. Ted Cruz is owned by nobody except the Lord. He is going to be the best President we have had since Ronald Reagan. And he will work well with Marco Rubio if he is the VEEP. I am putting the past in the past with some of Rubio's amnesty issues. I don't believe for a second that Marco feels that way today.

Now a word for the "bad guys". Yes, I am talking to the Russians, the Chinese and the terrorists. Anyone who wants to take the freedom and liberty away from others. If Senator Cruz is the nominee, and then wins the election, watch out - there will be a new sheriff in town. No more "President Bystander". Like Reagan, Ted Cruz will restore order in the world. And Ronald Reagan did it without getting us into a big shooting war.

One final word. Should Ted Cruz be on the podium getting sworn in next January, I will love to see what his cabinet will look like. My bet is they will all be Constitutional. Smart and capable. And how about if David Barton is also in that mix? Wow! The prospects are so exciting!

One final personal note. When I first starting working for IBM, my boss was a Cuban. Her family fled during the revolution. She was a fine, fine person to work for. And fascinating! We had many talks about the days of Batista and then Castro. I really grew to love and respect the Cuban people.

As far as I am concerned, the next Cuban I hope to meet is Ted Cruz. As much as I want to hear more of his story, I am more interested in his future. What he is going to do and how. I am ready for this journey. And by the way, all are invited to join this journey.    

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