Saturday, February 20, 2016

Dark days for Ms. Clinton

"No, the frosting on the cake will be her transcripts from speeches she gave to Wall Street." 

When I think of Hillary Clinton and her soon to be failed attempt to become our next President, I think of the old adage "timing is everything". I think some of the love and kissing between her and Bernie is now over. Ever since that Super Delegate switchero in New Hampshire. I think between Bernie's operatives, Republican operatives, and Hillary's past alone, the train might be ready to come off the tracks. 

It seems the number keeps rising on the classified emails that resided on Secretary Clinton's non-secured server. Oops. Again, when you have a clearance and sign the agreements was well as the NDA, having one classified document outside an approved SCIF is enough to have your clearance yanked, fined and possible jail time. To have that number be over 1,700 and counting, with some being so highly classified they could not even be redacted, Hillary should already be wearing an orange jump suit.

But the frosting on the cake could come from something other than Benghazi, other than the e-mails, other than her time at the Rose Law Firm. No, the frosting on the cake will be her transcripts from speeches she gave to Wall Street. Hillary, who makes chameleons look monotone, has gone from Daddy Warbucks' biggest supporter to a "woman of the people". Her transcripts should tell a different story.

A couple pundits on the news this morning think with all this baggage Hillary is carrying, she will find her Waterloo in Nevada. And Nevada is an important state to stop this Sanders juggernaut.

For any Democrat worth his or her salt to support this failed candidate is beyond me. I know I don't quite understand how many Democrats think, but Hillary? Please.

I have looked at all eight candidates who remain. Some have been easy to rule out as Presidential contenders, others not so much. Hillary should be at the bottom of that list, Republican or Democrat. Sander should be close to follow. And while Hillary is an opportunistic phony, Ted Cruz is the real deal. Cruz may not be perfect, but he is definitely ready for prime time. With the passing of Justice Scalia, having a constitutional scholar for President ready to pick Scalia's replacement is of the utmost importance. If Hillary were President, she would pick someone like herself. If Sanders was President, he would probably pick Obama.

So cheer up Ms. Clinton. You can still be a grandma. The wife thing did not work out so well, but grandmas are always loved. Even if the grandma is somewhat unlovable.   

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