Sunday, February 21, 2016

As evil continues to stalk the land...

"When someone practices an act of extreme cruelty on another human being, it should be a one strike ball game."

I know, I know. I should be getting used to it by now. But I can't. Whenever I see anyone tortured or murdered in the name of any religion, I get sick to my stomach. But when I see young people, killed for ABSOLUTELY nothing, I not only get sick to my stomach, I get absolutely madder than hell. In fact, I am seeing red again today.

This is a very good reason why I could never be President. I see carnage on the internet all the time that is beyond hard to watch. Yet it is happening. Live and in color. Almost daily. Whereas our current President might be content to watch on TV and do nothing, I would be tempted to go in with guns blazing. In other words, kill all these butchers.

I have tried so many times to understand what kind of "religion" would sanction any type of killing. Especially the public beheading of a 15 year old boy just for listening to music. It is beyond my comprehension. I like many others, was raised in a faith, by the teachings of loving parents, to be kind, to be considerate of others, and most of all, to show mercy and grace. That is the exact opposite from what we see happening in Iraq, Syria, Northern Africa, and so on.

I don't give a rip if this is done in accordance of some religious law, or a twisted version of it. When someone visits an act of extreme cruelty on another human being, the remedy should be a one strike ball game. When someone perpetrates extreme cruelty on an infant, a small child, or a teenager, the remedy for the perp should be "lights out" using extreme prejudice. 

I never thought I would live long enough to see the type of cruelty we saw done by the Axis Powers in World War II. In fact, this might be worse. And what makes this so hard to stomach is that nobody seems to care. It has been said at the end of the day, crimes of omission will be judged as harshly as crimes of commission. I hope for the sake of most of us that is not true. For if is true, we are just as guilty as the one swinging the sword.  

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