Monday, February 15, 2016

A Trump too far

"Donald Trump has taken the 11th Commandment and shredded it. Live and in color on TV."

I have tried. I really have. In fact, I have done two pieces on "The Donald" in the past few months, and they have been analytical in nature. Not pro, not con. Today is going to be different. I have heard enough. He has gone too far. And the debate this weekend took the cake. I am now done.

As I watched the debate twice (both times recorded), I kept asking myself the same question - what the Sam Hill is wrong with this guy? Some in the past have suggested he is a Democratic plant. I laughed when I first heard that. But, I am not laughing anymore. He is a one man wrecking ball. He is vicious to the other candidates. And as Jeb Bush said during the debate, "This is blood sport for Donald".

Donald Trump has taken the 11th Commandment and shredded it. Live and in color on TV. But this past weekend he went from just plain mean to dead wrong. When he went after George W. Bush (again) for the Iraq War, that was bad enough. But, when he went after G.W. for the 9/11 attack, that was a Trump too far. How dare he? And shame on him to boot! George W. Bush was a hero in many people's eyes. He was not without his flaws, but after 9/11 happened, he kept the nation safe from another attack.

By the way, thank you Marco for clearing the air a bit on the 9/11 attack. As most of us know, it took many months, maybe years to plan this thing. Bush was barely in office for a half a year when it happened. If someone needs to be blamed, blame Clinton for not taking care of business. As Rubio said, "Clinton had four chances to take out Bin Laden and did nothing."

I thought good old Governor Kasich, who does not have a prayer of winning, summed the night up the best. If I may paraphrase, "This is crazy, this is nuts." And when interviewed later Kasich said (again paraphrased), "If we keep this up, we are going to hand the election to Hillary Clinton."

I have tried, really tried to imagine this man as our next President. The way he treats people. The way he has treated women in the past. The language he uses in public (it puts Harry Truman to shame), is terrible. Ronald Reagan and G.W. Bush had so much respect for the Oval Office they would not enter without a suit coat on. How would "The Donald" treat the office? I shudder to think about it.

The best thing Trump could do right now, if he really cared for the party, and wanted to keep the Democrats out of the White House for the next 4 to 8 years, is suspend his campaign. Leave, and then endorse Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. I think either of those two could beat what the Democrats are offering. It has been said in the past that Republicans should always nominate the most conservative candidate who can win. In my opinion (not shared by many conservatives) it come down to only these two. In fact, an all Cuban ticket would be awesome!

So Mr. Trump, your 15 minutes is long over. And you are long overdue to exit, stage left. Or if I can put it in your words, "YOUR FIRED!" 

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