Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Off the reservation

"As the robot would say in the TV show Lost in Space - Danger Will Robinson, Danger!"

What is it about these National Security guys? Every now and again they end up being truth tellers. Not only truth tellers, but they forget the narrative. In other words, they go "off the reservation". And the latest one to wandering off the reservation is James Clapper.

Last September he was also off the reservation when testifying in front of Congress about the Syrian refugees. My feeling is after he was "outed" for lying to Congress about the NSA domestic spying in 2013, he is now on his best behavior. Anyhow, he was asked if it was possible for Islamic terrorists to come to America hidden within the wave of Syrian refugees. He told Congress it was. He went on to say it was a "huge concern" that terrorists might sneak in with the refugees in both Europe and here.

Yesterday, Mr. Clapper gave the Congress news that was about as welcome as something icky in the punch bowl. And I could almost see the President cringe when he said it. First he told Congress we now have proof that the Islamic State has used chemical weapons in both Syria and Iraq. Don't these guys know the use of these kinds of weapons are against the Geneva Convention? (satire comment)

Then he and his staff went on to say we are likely to have attacks right here in the homeland in 2016. Really? How would that work? Our President keeps telling us we are safe. The terrorists could come in across the non-existent borders. They could come in with the lightly vetted refugees. Or they could be homespun, recruited at some of the many mosques we now have. 

Then Clapper let the real bomb drop. He told Congress the Islamic State is now active in over 40 countries worldwide. In addition, there are more safe havens in the world than in any other time in history. Since the President will not connect the dots for the American public, I will. 

We are in danger. The civilized world is in danger. The bad guys have found some of Saddam's chemical weapons he had stashed somewhere in Iraq or Syria. It will not take much of an imagination to see the terrorists getting some of that poison over to South or Central America, up through Mexico and across the Rio Grande. 

Here is the political bottom line. A terrorist attack of any magnitude will reinforce to the American public the current Administration is asleep at the wheel. And that includes the Secretary of State as well as his predecessor. An attack would also be bad for any liaise fare socialist who wants to be President. However, it will bode favorable for any remaining Republican who favors a strong national defense. Especially Mr. Trump.

We really need Ash Carter to also stroll off the reservation. He needs to tell Congress how our troop cuts have been too deep and damaged our national security. Most of us already know that, but it would help to have it come from his lips to our ears. 

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