Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Selective Outrage

"I think I am safe to say this President more than any other I can remember in my lifetime, really detests our Second Amendment."

This week, we had another mass murder in the country. This time it was in Kalamazoo, MI. In fact, it happened so close to where one of my fishing partners lives, he heard four of the shots. And six innocent people died. And nobody knows right now what set this guy off to commit these murders. However, our "gun grabber in chief" lost little time calling for more gun control in Michigan.

I think I am safe to say this President, more than any other I can remember in my lifetime, really detests our Second Amendment. He does not understand it, and to make matters worse, he is very selective in his outrage. The fact the shooter was a white man made a big difference to the President's outrage. Why do I say that? Six murders were a horrific thing to happen in any city, including a sleepy little berg like Kalamazoo. However, six murders in the "the hood" in Chicago? They just call that Tuesday. 

Last year was a simply awful year in Chicago. The town turned into a killing field for young black men. 468 people were murdered in Chicago. The vast majority were shot in the inner city. And the vast majority of those shot were young black men. Shot by other young black men. What does our President say? Not much. An outsider might think that these black lives might not matter.

And why is that? One would think this historic President, our first mixed race President, would be the first to express outrage by what is happening in Chicago. Nope. Now here is the thing that should send shivers up everyone's spine. So far this year, Chicago has had 95 murders. That is twice what the rate was the year before. At this rate, the murder rate in Chicago could go over 600 for the year! 

Here is the real interesting part. The vast majority of the murders in Chicago are done with illegally obtained guns. In a city which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. And the homicide rate for legal gun owners, who bought their guns legally, have been gun trained, is so small it is like finding fly poop in pepper. Yet, this is the group our President always targets in his gun grabbing speeches.

So Mr. President, I suggest you visit Chicago, see your old sidekick Rahm, and figure out how to save some lives. To have a body count higher in an American city than the body count is in our war zones is simply unacceptable. That is my outrage sir, and it is not very selective.    

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