Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The "Ouch" Scenario!

"Well first off, she is not that moderate. Her voting record confirms that. In fact, Heritage gives her a score of only 4%"

Anyone who has been watching the news has heard the name brought up. And it is brought up in many different venues by many different sources. Some think she would be a "safe" pick for the President to make. After all, she is a former County Attorney and a Senior Senator from a very blue state. Who is it? Why, our own Ms. Amy - Amy Klobuchar.

Let me pull this thread for just a minute by supposing POTUS does pick Amy Klobuchar. It would follow suit for him - his last two picks have been women. And, after picking a Hispanic followed by a Jew, picking a fair skinned Minnesotan would really make him look like he was into diversity. And Amy has this gentle, calm school teacher type of manner and appearance. Okay, she is a Democrat. But she is oh, so moderate!

Well first off, she is not that moderate - not moderate at all. Her voting record confirms that. In fact, Heritage has given her a score of 4%. She is lock step with just about anything that the President wants - and votes that way. And here comes the "ouch" part. Should she be picked and then confirmed, it would leave a Senate opening in our state. And guess who has the privilege of appointing someone to fill that unfilled term? You guessed it - Governor Goofy.

And then the "ouch" scenario could also get real goofy. Who would he pick? It would not have to be a lawyer. Heck, it could even be a comedian who has worn diapers on TV. No, we already have one of those. How about his number two person, Tina Smith? She would be a good pick to defend the butchers at Planned Parenthood. Or our state's biggest crybaby, Rebecca Otto? She would bring nothing to the table, but who cares? Or he could pick himself, but we seem to have walked that path before.

Should POTUS submit a candidate, I know the Washington elites are going to pressure Mitch McConnell like he has never been pressured before . And unless it is someone halfway normal instead of an ideologue or a leftist zealot, that candidate will not see he light of day. For POTUS, it will be a fitting way to finish out his failed Presidency - bitter, rancorous fighting over his SCOTUS pick.

For those on the Left who have short memories and think this is very unfair of the Senate to wait until the election is over, let me say just two words. Robert Bork. What the Democrats did to that fine man and intellectual scholar is beyond the pale. And what they tried to do to Justice Thomas is almost as bad. 

Word has it, the vetting in the White House has already started. It is in full speed this week. The President wants to announce his pick as early as next week. Let the games begin. We are about to see Washington at its finest, once again. 

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  1. I can hardly wait to see who among the Supreme Court Justices wins the hot dish contest!