Monday, February 15, 2016

Static or Dynamic

"The Republicans want another version of Justice Scalia. He was just so very, very good."

Here it comes. It is a dust up which has been a long time a brewing. With Justice Scalia not even cold and in the grave as yet, the President has already threatened to start sending replacements up to the Hill. And after the last two SCOTUS justices Obama had confirmed, the Senate is going to be so very careful with this one. In fact, they might just ignore any candidates until after the January inauguration.

So the battle lines are already being formed. The Republicans want another version of Justice Scalia. He was just so very, very good. And in his own words, he was an "Originalist" - a term many on the Left grew to hate. 

So what is an "Originalist" anyhow? Simply put, Justice Scalia believed the Constitution is the same today as it was the day it was penned and signed. And many of us on the Right feel the same way. Our Constitution is sacrosanct. It is not to me messed with. 

And this is the great divide. The battleground where our national War of the Roses will be fought. Was our Constitution written to be a document for the ages, or is it supposed to be a "living, breathing document" that needs to change with the times? The last two Obama picked Justices were sold as moderates. They believed in the later. In their hearings, the last two Justices said all the right things. Then once confirmed for this lifetime appointment, the "real you" was allowed to come out in each of them.

My advice to the Senate when they go through hearings on the Justice Scalia replacement is to beware of liars, cheats and charlatans. And I am sure they will. The "wise Latino" and Justice Kagan have proved to be nothing more than tools for leftist decisions. Not exactly how they told the Senate they would vote for important issues. And to make matters worse, over the years SCOTUS has developed  into something it was never intended to be.

So bring it on Mr. President. Let's get it going. The vote this November as well as any nominee you put forward beforehand will tell it all. In case you have not noticed Mr. President, the people are pissed. Not just a little, but a lot. They are fed up. You said your biggest shortcoming during your Presidency was not bringing the country together. Do you think by nominating Leftist Jurists that would help? Please Sir, please!

Leader McConnell - keep your backbone rigid. This is game time Sir, and the stakes could not be higher. Static or dynamic - please let us know what you are thinking. Because we already know what we think. And we are watching!


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