Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bernie and the mousetrap

"It is who can build the better mousetrap the usually wins the day. Better means never being satisfied. That is what capitalism is all about."

He really does not get it. And it is just not him, it is most socialists. Even though it has been proven over and over again all over the world that socialism is a failed system. People live in squalor and they die under repressive regimes. It is a race to the bottom for most people who live under it. And while capitalism is not perfect, it beats the tar out of socialism.

I remember being asked by a Lefty a few years back to give him a succinct answer on what makes capitalism so much better than socialism. I answered in one word - mousetrap. With socialism, you get what you get. There is no incentive to do better, to make better. However with capitalism, to stay stagnant is to die (economically). He (or she) who designs and/or builds a better mousetrap usually wins the day.

Look at televisions for example. Under socialism, we would probably still have the black and white CRT units with rabbit ears. But under capitalism, the black and white unit was replaced with color. Then cable. Then bigger color. Then flat screens and HDTV. Now 4K and smart televisions. Rumor has it an 8K television is now being developed.

One more thing about capitalism that Bernie really does not understand. He would like to tax the socks off of people ("speculators on Wall Street") that make over $10,000,000 a year. Well guess what Senator Sanders - people don't have to work if they don't want to. Should you tax the producers too high, they will just close up shop. They will retire early and live off their earnings. Or they will move offshore and lay everyone off. Then what happens?

I can't even imagine how this country would look with a socialist President and a capitalist Congress. If you think there is gridlock now, just wait. No, to keep our country great, to keep things improving, to keep us competitive in world markets, all three of our branches of government need to be comprised of free enterprise capitalists.

After Bernie loses the election, he can go back to Vermont and hang around with two other famous socialists - Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. We don't need their kind anywhere near our nation's capital. It is bad enough we still have Bernie in the Senate. Hopefully the people of Vermont will wise up before the next election.  

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