Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Screwed by the state (again)

"And this year, we are getting toasted worst than we got last year."

I feel like a whipped dog. All the fight has been taken out of me. I knew it would be bad this year, but I had no idea it would be this bad. This week, I have been working on my taxes. Last year we got toasted pretty good by this state of Minnesota. And that was after giving almost $8,000 to a charity to have a well dug in Africa. And yes, this year as well as last year, we had a ton of charitable contributions. This year, we are getting toasted worst than we got last year.

In Minnesota, we have the privilege of living in one of only 7 states which tax the socks off of retirees. Not only in Social Security, but also in military pensions. My friends who live in states close by as well as states far away, have the same joy this time of year. Doing taxes is no big deal. However for people like us in Minnesota, it is a sad time. A torture time. A stressful time. 

This past weekend I gave my family the grim news. Grandma and Grandpa might have to move. Not to move South to Pensacola as Grandpa had wanted to do. No, to move to a neighboring state which does not tax retirement. We could go to Wisconsin which does not tax Social Security nor military pay. Or - we could move to Sioux Falls, South Dakota which does not tax any retirement pay. Right now, I am good with either one.

When I was still working, I heard retirement people squawking about this retirement issue. And I listened with half an ear. Well, no longer. Now my wife and I are also in his deep soup. And anyone who lives in Minnesota will also be in the same soup when they turn 65.

So whomever is ever close to retirement, is in retirement, or has kin folks in retirement, hear this - to stay in this state is now a very expensive prospect. Even with family here, a precious grandson here, we might be forced to leave.

Minnesota - is this what you want? To ditch your seniors? Have them move to neighboring states where they can survive? Well, it is happening right here, right now.

Seniors deserve better in any state. They already paid taxes on Social Security. As well as their military pay. The Democrats love to talk about "fairness". And how we can "afford" to give seniors a break. Well, this is grossly unfair. And it does not matter if you are blue or red. We are getting screwed in the land of 10,000 lakes and taxes. And if you a live long life, and stay here long enough, you will know what I mean.

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