Monday, February 8, 2016

Talk, talk and more talk...

"Words, words, words. I am so sick of words..."

My Fair Lady
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The world is outraged! The United Nations met in emergency session to talk about this latest event! The United States is considering more sanctions! Japan has called it "absolutely intolerable!" Yes, this is all about the North Korean missile launch. And everyone is talking about it. In fact, the United Nations might be getting ready to write Pyongyang a nasty letter or two. Plus, don't forget more sanctions. And what will happen? Na-da. Nothing.

North Korea got the nuke when we were involved in "talks" with them in the 1990's. That is back when Slick Willie, Madam Albright, and Jimmy Carter all got waltzed around the May Pole by the Norks. So they have a nuke (or nukes), a delivery system, and close to having a hydrogen bomb. But we do continue to "talk" to them. And tell them they are naughty. And they really, really should not be doing this kind of stuff.

What do we do with a nation state which is clearly attempting to destabilize not only the region, but also across the Pacific? By the way, did you know the "something" the Norks put in orbit flew right over the Super Bowl yesterday? To me, that was a strong message they were sending to us.

Talking to them does not work. Negotiating with them does not work. Sanctions imposed on them do not work. Short of a bloody and costly land invasion, what can we do? My vote? Total embargo. Nothing in, nothing out. Nothing that is other than food and medical supplies. And Russia and China have to be in with us. If they are not, it will not work.

Next, I would inform North Korea that they are now in a "no fly zone". Anything that eclipses an altitude of 50,000 feet will be shot down. And we have the missiles that can to do it. Both land based and also on our VLS ships. 

Could this start a hot war in the Korean Peninsula? Yes, it could. But it would be one the Norks would surely lose. We have allowed this to go on much too long. We actually should have done this years ago when they popped off their first nuke. We can never progress from a Level Zero civilization (to borrow a term from Dr. Michio Kaku) so long as we have criminals like North Korea, Iran and Islamic Terrorist trying to destroy everything. 

Recently, I have penned articles stating that I believe we are on the cusp of a Golden Age for mankind. The decade of 2020 could bring about huge advances in energy, technology, cures for deadly diseases, and space travel. Our challenge will be to get there without rouge nations or terror groups destroying everything and everyone first.       

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